Fascinating Books Every Psychology Student Should Read

Published on 07/27/2020

If you’re one of the many people fascinated by psychology and the operations behind the human mind, then we’re sure you love to read as much as you can about anything psychology related. Take a look at these fascinating books that every psychology student needs to read in 2020.

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Fascinating Books Every Psychology Student Should Read

Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You – by Robert J. Sternberg

Studying a psychology degree but unsure what to do with it once you have finished? As you may already know, psychology is quite an extensive and diverse subject which means that there is so much to choose from in terms of the type of career people can pursue. There’s no doubt that the career opportunities within the field of psychology are so rewarding. As there are so many choices and options, this book will be a huge help for future psychologists to find their ideal career path. Each chapter looks into different careers and gives details of daily activities, salary ranges as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each profession.

Thinking Fast and Slow – by Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is very well-known for his work that focuses on decision making. In his book, Thinking Fast and Slow, the psychologist talks about different methods that influence the way we think and look closely at all of the positive schemes. Kahneman gives a lot of advice from both personal and professional aspects.  The book has been said to be an extremely fascinating and insightful read, especially for current or potential psychology students.

Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman

The brain is definitely one of the most amazing organs to ever exist. It also is one remarkable thing that people choose to study. This book is all about the levels of consciousness in the brain. Outstanding Nureologust, David Eagleman goes in-depth about the subconscious brain. This New York Times bestseller is a must-read! Not only is the writing enthralling and will leave you spellbound.

Mind Reader: Unlocking the Power of Your Mind to Get What You Want by Lior Suchard

Arey you of those people who truly believe that there are people out there that can read minds? Well if the answer yes, this book is definitely for you. Mindreader, Lior Suchard is capable of probing into your thoughts and knows exactly what you’re going to say before the words even come out of your mouth. He realized at a young age that he had this extraditable ability and is currently a top-class performer and mentalist. His remarkable talent can be read in his brilliant book. Make sure to get your copy soon!

The Art of Being Brilliant: Transform Your Life by Doing What Works For You by Andy Cope & Andy Whittaker

The Art of Being Brilliant: Transform Your Life by Doing What Works For You, has been highly rated for many years. This book explodes with positivity, inspiring quotes, good advice and important questions that will make you really think about your personal relationships and life. People who have read this amazing book have reported only amazing and exceptional changes. The key is to find what really works for and what to do in your life. Highly recommend for all psychology students no matter your major or how far along you are in your degree.