5 Tips For Studying From Home

Published on 05/24/2021

So that you stay motivated while studying from home, we have collected five tips for you.

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5 Tips For Studying From Home


So that you don’t sit in your pajamas in front of your laptop during a video conference or forget to brush your teeth in the morning, you should give your day a structure. This allows you to better separate studies and leisure time, even if they take place in the same place. Rituals and routines are essential, especially in the morning. It doesn’t matter whether your routine includes yoga, exercise, a walk, or a cup of coffee in bed. It is enough if you get up at the same time every day during the week. Set your alarm clock early enough so that you have enough time to shower, change clothes, have breakfast and brush your teeth. This will get you going and send signals to your brain that the day is starting. It is best not to spend the day in your pajamas, but change your clothes. This also sends signals to your brain that you won’t just relax at home.


Be Prepared

Good preparation is essential, especially when studying online. Always make sure that you have the most stable internet connection possible. Talk to your roommates so that they don’t stream the latest series or gamble online during your webinar. Since your seminars take place via video conference, you should ideally get a webcam. In this way, you take away a little anonymity from the seminar, as the other participants have a face to your voice. Of course, this is not an obligation, as you first and foremost have to feel comfortable.

Stay In Touch With Your Fellow Students

Keep in touch with your fellow students during the online semester so that you don’t feel isolated while studying online. In online seminars in particular, it can be difficult to establish and maintain contact with fellow students. For instance, if one does not have a webcam, you only know their voice and have no face in front of your eyes. Also, online study groups can be very helpful. There you can exchange ideas with your fellow students about seminar content or prepare lectures and presentations.

Take Enough Breaks

Online classes are often more stressful than face-to-face classes because you are staring at a screen the whole time and not moving much. Often it is also more difficult to ask questions because you have to wait for the right time and communication via video conference is less intuitive. In addition, you never really look the other participants in the eye, which makes the communication feel less intimate. So it is even more important that you take breaks during the day so that you can clear your head again. Get some fresh air while walking and try to look into the distance and not at a screen as often as possible. Maintain your social contacts and meet up with your friends. In this way, you can recharge your batteries for your seminars and concentrate better on the university.

Think About The Positive Sites

While studying from home does bring some challenges, you should always try to remember the positive in the whole thing in order to stay motivated and happy. For example, you don’t have to travel to university every day, which saves you a lot of time. In addition, many lectures and seminars are now recorded so that you can plan your time more flexibly and refresh your knowledge from the course at any time.