Long Distance Relationship? This Is How You Make It Work

Published on 09/23/2020

Whenever you find yourself in a relationship but you are forced to leave because of college, work, or any other reason, knowing whats the right thing to do can be very challenging. Many people are against the long-distant relationship. Your family and even your best friend may advise you against it afraid you will get hurt. Nothing is impossible, making a long-distant relationship work requires effort and patience. No one says it is an easy task, and there will be times when you probably want to give up. But different ways can make it work.

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Long-Distance Relationship? This Is How You Make It Work


Don’t Talk In Excess

To be possessive is a step in the wrong direction. There is no need to be talking 24h a day to make things work or afraid that otherwise, you will stop loving the person. On the contrary, sometimes less is more and by doing that you keep things interesting and exciting.

 But Communicate Regularly

It is very important to tell each other good morning and good night every day. Especially for those who live in different time zones which makes things even more complicated. It is very important to wake up and send a message of “Good morning” the same way it is nice to wake up to a message from your partner. Keep each other updated on what’s going on with your lives. This can be done by phone call, face time, sending videos, pictures, and many others. This way both of you will feel included in each other lives which is the right step to take to make things work.

Avoid Unnecessary Fights

Long-distance can be hard because it entails full trust in your partner. If you know that going to a club and saying till late getting drunk with your friends then rather than hiding it,  you should tell your partner and reassure him/her that everything is okay and that you are just going out with your friends. The more you try to hide this, the more suspicious is gonna look and the more tension is going to create.

All With An Objective

If you are making everything in your hands to make a long-distance relationship work then chances are that it is something serious and for the long term. For how long are you going to be away from each other? What are your together plans for the future? You need to ask yourself these kinds of questions to realize if you are willing to go through all this. Let’s be realistic, no relationship can go on distance forever. We all need the warmth and physical contact of our loved ones. So you need to create a timeline and a plan. This will give you something to look for and will give you the motivation and strength you need to overcome all the obstacles that you will encounter throughout the relationship.