Avocado- Yummy And Good For Our Brain

Published on 10/08/2019
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Avocado- Yummy And Good For Our Brain

Avocados are not just a superfood, they’re brain food. They are one of  THE healthiest fruits that you can consume. Some health benefits of eating avocados include weight management, heart disease, and diabetes protection. They also help with treating osteoarthritis, keeps eyes healthy, keeps skin looking younger, and so much more. However, although they have incredible benefits and are extremely delicious, the focus here is their contribution to the brain, especially when you’re studying for a big test.

Avocados Are Good Fats

Avocados have a bad reputation because they have a high-fat content, but they are actually a green powerhouse. They are combined with monosaturated fats or the “good” kind of fat, which keeps blood sugar levels steady and keeps your skin glowing. They also have very low levels of Cholesterol.

Vitamin K and Folate

Avocados also have other incredible benefits like preventing blood clots in the brain. This is because they are loaded with vitamin K and folate. Furthermore, this helps to improve cognitive function, especially when it comes to memory and concentration. And when you’re a hardworking college student, this can come in handy when you’re studying for a big test.

Rich in Vitamin B and C

Finally, avocados are also booming with vitamin B and vitamin C, which need to be replenished daily as they aren’t stored in your body. And it gets better?! There is the addition that they have the highest protein and lowest sugar content out of any fruit. Now, what’s better than this? Wow, I need an avocado!

Aside from being easy and delicious, there are so many more benefits to eating avocados. Go to your local supermarket and prepare yourself some avocado toast before you get on with your studying! Try to make them a daily part of your routine, whether it’s in an omelet, a sandwich, guacamole, in a smoothie, ice cream, or whatever else sounds good to you!