Top 4 Winter Getaways For College Students

Published on 01/27/2020

Everyone needs a vacation- especially college students! When winter break comes around, college campuses turn into ghost towns. The students are off- but where to? While many travel home to see family and friends, others take winter getaways to hotspots all across the U.S. We’ve compiled a list of the top locations to visit during the cooler temperatures. Bring your gloves and hats along, it’s gonna be a chilly ride!

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Top 4 Winter Getaways For College Students

1.Breckinridge, Colorado

Colorado is a gorgeous state known for its gorgeous landscape and killer slopes. If you’re looking to ski during the day and sip hot cocoa by the fire come night, you’re at the right place. Breckinridge, CO is a charming little ski town in Northern Colorado. It’s one of the most popular ski resorts in the entire country- the Grade A trails and quaint village two main reasons.

2.Yellowstone, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is a sight for sore eyes- just go if you don’t believe us! The winter months attract fewer travelers meaning an untouched landscape and lower hotel prices. Many of the main roads close during the winter months but are accessible via snowmobile tours and cross-country skiing. Care to hit the slopes after? Nearby resorts are abundant- take your pick!


Picture this: dogsledding, glacier hikes, snowcapped trees, and the Northern Lights. If it sounds like serenity, you need to take a trip to Alaska. This beautiful state gives visitors an epic winter-wonderland experience. The far North location may deter some, but if you’re up for an adventure, this trip is one worth taking!

4.New York City

Everyone knows that NYC is the place to be during the winter months, especially the holiday season. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, festive store window displays and sky-high Christmas trees are just a few of the magical treats found in New York City. Hotels and Broadway tickets are often heavily discounted between January-March; enjoy affordability in the most expensive city in the world!