5 Things That Every Freshman Should Take In Mind

Published on 12/16/2021

Your studies are starting, not it is going to be very exciting. New city, new people, a whole new phase of life. So that you don’t lose track of things, here are our tips for first-time students.

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5 Things That Every Freshman Should Take In Mind

Find A Flat Before Start Of Studies

Of course, it is especially convenient at home. Especially when you don’t have to take care of cooking, washing, cleaning and shopping yourself. But especially if you are studying in another city, you should look for a flat share in good time. In this way you not only become more independent but also make new friends on site. It can also be a very liberating feeling when mom and dad don’t notice everything you’re doing. Live your own life, it starts now.

Socialize With Other Students

During the many events for freshmen, you will surely get to know a lot of fellow students. Make sure that you make contact with students from other courses and semesters, they can give you valuable tips for freshmen: which lectures you shouldn’t miss, whose exams are notorious and which university parties are the best. You may also have old exams that you can look at to get an idea of what to expect in the exams. This will prevent you from worrying too much about your first upcoming exams.


Before the first lectures begin, it can help to explore the university. Take a stroll across campus and you’ll feel less strange. Where is the student advisory service and where is the cafeteria? If you know the room numbers for your first lectures or seminars, you can also stop by there. Nothing is more relaxed at the beginning of your studies than rushing through the university stressed because you can’t find the room in time. With a little luck, you might get to know other freshmen on your exploration tour.

Dare To Ask For Help

As a freshman, you will certainly feel overwhelmed in one or the other seminar. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Ask if you don’t understand something, this is the only way for the lecturer to adapt to you and your fellow students. In addition, allow enough time to work on what you have learned at home and look up technical terms that you do not know. Especially at the beginning of your studies, it will take you a while to get used to the academic language.

Gain Practical Experience

The semester break is finally here. Relax, discover the world with friends- all of these are things you want to do. However, you should also use the time wisely, for example for an internship. If you get a taste of different professional fields during your studies, it will be easier for you to set meaningful priorities during your further studies. Internships also significantly increase your chances on the job market. The more practical experience you gain in your bachelor’s degree, the easier it will be for you to decide whether you want to continue studying for a master’s degree after graduating or whether you prefer to jump straight into your professional life.